Guangzhou City Branch Qi Rui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Product quality assurance
Guangzhou branch Qi Rui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been committed to research and development of hot melt adhesive machine and supporting the development of the platform,
Excellent professional team
Excellent team work to provide excellent products,Industrial demand design, one stop strategy.
Advanced production equipment
For the vast number of new and old customers to provide quality and cheap mechanical equipment, so that customer satisfaction is our purpose.
Let you feel at ease after sale service
Customers to buy our products, will be equipped with a dedicated customer service staff to follow up the situation of the use of customers
Ensure on-time delivery to customers
Our delivery time is faster than other competitors, if the customer has urgent need, we will work overtime to complete, do our best for you.
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  • National service hotline:13352800809
  • Tel:02036485368
  • Mobile:13352800809

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